Our next guest is Mikael Rantalainen

1st of April, but I promise it's not a joke. I do believe in networking. Having a good network is key to success. Of course initially, when you think about network, you think about wide net of contacts with the idea of gaining new customers here and there. I believe in that too. I also believe in good network of professionals in own field, here Photography, but not only. You can call it competition, but it doesn't mean you have to ignore or pretend they don't exist specially when you know them, also as friends. My idea is to invite regularly another photographer, expert in his/her field, to talk in front of small audience at Le Studio Beaslas, Kylänevantie 2, 00320 Helsinki.

I have ideas for other topics too, not only photography, we'll see how this develops.

So, here we are, this week already, Thursday 5.4.2018, at 18:00 Finnish photographer Mikael Rantalainen (Yes, he is the guy on that photo below, rare capture of the man, he is always behind the camera) specialised in landscapes and events photography. This time, he will come to talk about chasing the light for landscape photography, and as en expert in Helsinki region, he will share some tips and hotspots for photography in Capital region.

The show room can sit 20 people max, so we organise a sales of tickets in advance. Secure your seat by purchasing your ticket already now. Shop section, or by email info@lestudiobeaslas.fi . Ticket price is 10 euros. Presentation will be given in Finnish.


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