Olivier Béaslas

French photographer, based in Helsinki, Finland. Entrepreneur at Le Studio Beaslas, Kylänevantie 2, 00320 Helsinki

Olivier has a vision of what is Le Studio Beaslas: Photography and more...

Le Studio Beaslas is a physical place, but the activity is much larger than studio photography. So, don't be afraid to contact Olivier for your next project, would it be private client matter or business to business.

There is also a lot going on at Le Studio Beaslas: events, workshops, courses, popup sales, etc,   There is life in here. Come and have a look by yourself sometimes.

Photography has never been that active since its creation, back in 19th century. Everyone uses that media (mainly with mobile phone nowadays) Great! It opens up so many opportunities. Let's not be afraid by quantity, and continue to focus on quality. That's what really matters, for you and for me. 


Le Studio Béaslas

Kylänevantie 2

00320 Helsinki



Phone : 044 345 0103

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